Random Card of the Day #1

I’m moving in three days, and most of my collection is currently inaccessible for the time being. So, rather than writing a post tying a card into the Phillies’ most recent opponent or their new one today or some other topic I wish to write about, I’m just going to post a card that I like for a random reason. I’ll just start calling posts like this the Random Card of the Day, and I’ll likely fall back on this a lot more frequently during the off-season or whenever else I can’t come up with a reason to post a particular card.

So, here’s the first in the new line of posts: 1999 Topps Stadium Club #39, Bobby Abreu. Why this card? Well, take a good look at the Chicago Cub in the background. That would be former (and future) Phillie second baseman Mickey Morandini forlornly gazing into the Phillies dugout and (I’m guessing) wondering how long it will be before he’ll be back in their clubhouse. Furthermore, look at the stat breakdowns on the back. Take that, full career statistical record! We don’t need you anymore. Final reason: check out the heat coming off the Astroturf at Veteran’s Stadium — it’s making it appear as though Abreu and Morandini are in a puddle of water. Oh, how I miss the massive amounts of heat that The Vet would harness on some of those hot summer days.

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