Clifton Phifer Lee, Red Sox Slayer Extraordinaire

Lee’s performance last night finally gave me the excuse I needed to post one of my newest additions to the collection: his 2011 Topps 60 Certified Autograph, # T60A-CL(b).* To the best of my knowledge, this is the first certified autograph issue picturing him in a Phillies uniform, and I was really excited to get my hands on one. The second series from Topps also includes Roy Oswalt’s first certified autograph issue in Phillies uniform, and I’m currently waiting for that one to arrive in the mail. Unfortunately, the few Roy Halladay autograph issues showing him in a Phillies uniform bear such small print runs that selling my first-born into slavery appears to be the only way I’ll acquire one — that is, unless, Topps relents slightly and releases one in greater quantities than all its other Halladay Phillies autographs combined.

I’m also using this post to start tracking a project I’ve been undertaking for a few months now. I use a series of Excel spreadsheets as the checklists for my collection, and earlier this year I decided to consolidate them into one giant spreadsheet that I will use as a new database. This database, which I am compiling from my spreadsheets and multiple information sources such as (but not limited to) Beckett, Sports Collector’s Digest, and my own personal collection, will attempt to list every known Phillies card in existence, as well as all known variations of each card. At the rate I’m going, this will take another year or two to complete. Right now, it’s over 5,700 lines long, and only 366 of them are for cards printed before 2009. (I’m basically assembling it together in reverse chronological order, with some jumping around whenever I feel the whim to do so.) Every week or so — I’m shooting for every Wednesday — I’ll put a little tagline at the bottom of a post stating the current progress.

Tomorrow, regardless of the outcome of tonight’s game: Red Sox Slayer #3.

Current database progress: 5,776 lines; last set information entered: 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter’s

*The (b) is to differentiate the card from Lee’s autograph issue in Series One, which shows him in a Rangers uniform, but uses the exact same card number.

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