The Magnificent Bastardo

After Antonio Bastardo recorded a perfect 9th for his third career save, I felt the need to post “The Magnificent Bastardo!” as my Facebook status. It was no surprise to me when my partner, TeenLitGirl, asked me what it meant — she had missed the game, due to working late, and had probably never heard of him. As a result, another planned post goes out the window while I handle a more timely topic.

Believe it or not, I was never a Seinfeld fan, so when I initially saw someone online refer to Antonio as “The Magnificent Bastardo,” the cultural reference went right by me. Instead, I just focused upon how his last name bore a rather unfortunate resemblance to a derogatory term and the fact someone had decided to insert “magnificent” in front of it. Eventually, the reference was (obviously) explained to me, but every time I was Bastardo’s name, my mind immediately went to that phrase. Even though it was his third career save, it was his first while actually serving as closer (albeit, pro tempore), so I felt that stating it on Facebook was appropriate.

Even though this is now his third season in the majors, The Magnificant Bastardo has only appeared on three non-team-issued cards thus far. This one, his 2009 Bowman Sterling card, #BS-AB, serves as both his first card and his only certified autograph issue. It also correctly bears the MLB-approved “rookie card” designation logo, which will be a rant for another post (believe it or not, I am actually tracking all the posts I hope to compose at some point) — something that cannot be easily said for other current Phillies, most notably Domonic Brown.

Are we looking at a potential future closer in the making? His minor league numbers for the post two year, as well as his progression in the majors thus far, suggest this is a definite possibility. Aside from the desire to see another home-grown star, I’m hoping the Phillies properly groom Bastardo for the role and grows into it because I just love typing/saying, “The Magnificent Bastardo!”

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