Phillies Ticket Stubs as Baseball Cards

While hunting around on eBay recently in an effort to fill some holes in the collection, it stumbled across a bunch of used Phillies season ticket stubs from the past few years, and I realized that I’ve potentially been missing out on collecting them as baseball cards. Now people have been saving and collecting ticket stubs for years, but the Phillies have been placing pictures of players on the cards regularly for a few years now. When looking at the recent stubs I encountered on eBay, I realized that in nearly all the ways that count, they qualify as baseball cards and that means that for a few years the Phillies have essentially been issuing a team set that I haven’t been paying attention to. Furthermore, even though they’ve only been regularly doing this for the past few years, they also did this with their tickets back in 2003. Ironically, I saved a number of tickets from that season (that year, I went in on a season plan with some friends) and never once did it occur to me then or in the succeeding years that I should consider them as cards.

Well, that’s now changing. As part of the my database project, I’m now attempting to track down information on the players pictured on a ticket’s given date. If I can get them cheaply enough, I may even attempt to acquire some more of them to add these overlooked cards to my collection — thus further fueling my collection obsession.

Current database progress: 6,198 lines; last set information entered: 2009 Topps Sterling.

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4 responses to “Phillies Ticket Stubs as Baseball Cards

  1. I have ticket stubs from the Vet dating back to 1989, not one has any picture on it. The most they’ve had was a Phillies logo….this can be a neverending Pandora’s box. Good luck!

    • I think the key is that the ticket has to be for a season ticket package. Most of the tickets I have just bear a logo as well. However, typing “Phillies ticket 2009” (or 2010) into eBay will return plenty of examples of tickets showing pictures of players on the team.

  2. Is Cliff Lee featured on any tickets this season?

    • I don’t have any of the 2011 tickets yet, but to the best of my searching ability, I was unable to find any on eBay, which means its unlikely that he appears on one. However, I’m not 100% certain of that.

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