Glenn Wilson & The Ugliest Phillies-Only Set Ever

Featured card: 1986 Keller’s Butter Phillies Glenn Wilson (unnumbered)

Bask in the glory of this particular Glenn Wilson card. The 1986 Keller’s Butter Phillies set just might be the ugliest Phillies-only set ever produced. At the time this set was produced, you had to go all the way back to the strip cards of the 1920’s to find anything that was of comparable “quality.” If it hadn’t been for a couple Fleer issues from the mid ’90s, I would feel comfortable in calling this the ugliest set in the modern era. If you think there was an uglier one, or you think you can guess which Fleer sets I’m referring to, please feel free to comment about it in this post.

Current database progress: 6,846 lines; last set information entered: 2009 Topps Unique.


5 responses to “Glenn Wilson & The Ugliest Phillies-Only Set Ever

  1. I’ve seen this set listed in the Standard Catalog, but I’ve never actually seen a color picture of the “cards.” Goodness.

    You’ve got to be referring to the ’95 Fleer set.

    • You’re in luck. I actually have duplicates of Samuel and Wilson from that set. I have some spare time this weekend, so I’ll see what other cards I have in my duplicate stacks that are currently in your wantlists. If you like, I can even send over a few Phillies player-photo tickets from last year — I just received a whole bunch in a lot purchase off of eBay, and I don’t necessary need a ticket for each home game (it appears that the same photos of approx 7-9 players are just recycled as the season progresses).

      I was in fact referring to the ’95 Fleer set. The other issues I had in mind are were a couple of the Metal offerrings, which were hideous in a completely different aesthetic sense.

  2. Very cool and thank you in advance for the truly “oddball” Keller’s cards of Samuel and Wilson.

    I’m actually a Phillies partial-season ticket holder, and I’ve held on to my ticket stubs for the last few years. If you need any help in piecing together the players featured in any of the prior years, definitely let me know.

  3. Got anymore Glenn Wilson Kellers cards? I had been having success with sending him cards but then sent him this one and it was lost in the mail. Thanks!

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