The GM

Featured Card: 1992 Fleer Ultra #540, Ruben Amaro, Jr.

If you have to ask why I’m posting this card, then you haven’t caught the big news from last night. When he joined the club back in ’92, more than a few fans hoped Ruben Amaro, Jr. would make an impact with the Phillies. The son of a former fan favorite, he also previously served as a bat boy for the team. If anyone belonged in a Phillies uniform, it was Amaro, Jr. His first game only served to stoke those hopes: 3-4, 2 2B, 1 HR, 3 R, 3 RBI. Unfortunately, it was the highlight of his playing career, and while he played five seasons with the Phillies, he was a role player who put up below-average numbers. Luckily for the Phils, he’s performed far better in the front office than he did on the field, and his impact on this team cannot be understated. Yes, he inherited a championship team when he ascended to the GM position, but his moves have kept them very competitive and there’s a good chance that for the second season in a row, the Phils will finish the season with the best record in baseball. Amaro certainly has made a dramatic impact — it just came later than any of us would have guessed back in ’92.


2 responses to “The GM

  1. You realize this means a third series team issued set is just around the corner? They’ll need to include a new card for Pence.

    • I actually hope that this is the case. I’ve given this a lot of thought, and so long as the Phillies continue their current practice of not issuing smaller update sets (like they used to in the mid ’90s), I’d rather that they continue with issuing a brand new set with each change rather than creating a situation where I end up with duplicates thanks to purchasing the same basic set multiple times.

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