Featured Card: 2007 Topps Triple Threads #90, Mike Schmidt

Yes, it really did take me just under three months to add another 500 cards to the collection. It actually wasn’t all that difficult to do. For most of the past eight years, I collected in a fashion that was very limited compared to how I acquired cards during my teen and most of my adult years. It was primarily a function of money, and while I made the best of my resources, there was a great deal of product that didn’t make its way into my collection. Over the past 18 months or so, my financial situation improved greatly, and as result, I’ve been going back and filling in much of the material I missed out on. My collection will never be as comprehensive as it was during the summer of 2003, but I am managing to get all the regular-issue cards I previously missed out on, as well as most of the cheaper inserts.

As was the case when I added #14,000 to the collection, card #14,500 arrived as part of a bulk order from a dealer in another part of the country. Rather than choose the card to highlight and explain why, as I did with #14,000, this time I just left the stack of cards in the order in which they were packed and paid close attention to when my Excel spreadsheet stated that I had entered my 14,500th card. This particular Schmidt card really did end up with the honor through random chance — it just as easily could have been 2004 Flair #75, Alfredo Simon (which was also in the stack). While I could quickly rattle off a number of reasons why collecting is nowhere near as fun as it was 20 years ago, having a tool like Beckett Marketplace available for easily and accurately filling wantlists from dealers all over the country helps to alleviate some of the stuff that really sucks — such as the fact that most cards printed over the past 10 years don’t hold their value (which has actually worked to my advantage over the past few months, but more on that another time).

I don’t anticipate reaching 15,000 as quickly as I added the past 500 cards to the collection, but when the day comes, I hope that it’s actually a scrub or card that will force me to work a little on what I say about it. Regardless, the name of the blog won’t change — though I will almost certainly change the tagline underneath in order to more accurately state the size of the collection (as I did so earlier this morning).

Current database progress: 8,646 entries (lines); last set information entered: 2008 Bowman Sterling.

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