Two New Autos for the Collection

Featured cards: 1993 Fleer #489, Tommy Greene & 1993 Fleer #103,
Ricky Jordan

In an ideal world — which I won’t detail because I’m purposefully keeping my personal politics and belief system out of this particular blog — I’d obtain all my Phillies autographs in person. Alas, it’s not even close to ideal — in fact, the distance between the two approximates that between the Earth and Oort Cloud — so I rely on certified autograph issues and PSA/DNA-certified autographs far more than I care to. However, I sometimes get lucky, and this past weekend was one such occasion. I made a trip up to Philly to visit some friends, and before leaving I discovered that Ricky Jordan and Tommy Greene were signing at the Havertown location of BC Sports. I planned accordingly, and I now have autographed cards for both of them.

Although I don’t care a whit about the resale value of things, I went ahead and paid the extra $5 each to have BC Sports place their hologram on the back of the cards and receive a certificate of authenticity. I view the tiny BC sticker as a form of decoration that makes the cards appear far more official, thus less out of place alongside all my other certified autographs of players from the early-to-mid ’90s. Unfortunately, since I live over three hours from the Philly area, my ability to do this sort of thing is extremely limited (BC Sports holds similar signing events fairly frequently). However, I’ll hold out some hope that my next visit up there coincides with a similar opportunity to expand the autograph collection.

Although Jordan had an autograph card in the 1996 Leaf Signature Series Extended Edition, he was pictured as a Mariner and therefore the card is of no interest to me. With no certified autograph card for either Phillie at this time, I no longer need to wait for Topps or some manufacturer-to-be-named-later to ever issue one. Therefore, I am completely free to resume my cathartic ranting against Topps in my next post.

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