Rain Delay

Featured Card: 2009 Upper Deck Historic Firsts #HF-3, Phillie Phanatic

I was at yesterday’s game, waited out the 71-minute rain delay in its entirety and then waited around to see Brad Lidge plunk-in the winning run for the Nats. Given what I sat stood through yesterday and the amount of time the Phillies have lost to rain delays over the past four days, it somehow seemed appropriate to finally break this card out and highlight it.

The card also serves as a kind of “rain delay” placeholder for 14,000 Phillies while I work on my next multiple-card post highlighting Topps’s issues with reprinting/recycling its vintage issues. Part two of this past Wednesday’s post is coming next.

2 responses to “Rain Delay

  1. Sorry you had to sit through that mess yesterday!

    That’s a great Phanatic card and I’ve never seen it before. I’d be curious to know which Phillies cards made it into the massive 2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary insert set.

    Perhaps a future post subject? (Hint, hint.)

    • I’ll very likely take you up on the hint, sometime very soon. In the meantime, I’ll send you a complete checklist of the Phillies in the 20th Anniversary set.

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