Here Comes the Rain Again

Featured Card: 2006 Fleer Tradition #127, Ryan Howard

The postponement of today’s and tomorrow’s games somehow reminded me of this card. It either takes a lot of guts or a certain devil may care attitude to print a baseball card using a photo clearly taken in either a rain shower or light snowfall. Regardless of the reason, that’s exactly what Upper Deck did with this particular Ryan Howard issue (for those not completely up-to-date on their baseball card history, Upper Deck purchased the Fleer naming rights during the liquidation of the company in 2005). When I first saw the card, I thought that I had received a card with a printing defect, but upon seeing other copies of the card, I figured out what the real issue was. Regardless of the reason, it was a poor choice — I’m sure that I wasn’t the first person to look at this card and figure that some sort of error occurred in the printing process.


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