A Quick Public Service Announcement

Featured Card: 2010 Topps Heritage #286, Roy Halladay

Part two of yesterday’s post will appear tomorrow. Until then, a quick — and much needed — public service announcement regarding the history of Philadelphia baseball. I assume that most people currently reading (i.e., Phillies fans) already know this, but for those who don’t: the Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Athletics are two separate and distinct franchises. Apparently, plenty of baseball card dealers have a hard time understanding this. If I had a dollar for every single vintage A’s card (and the odd Pirates card, while we’re at it) posted on eBay as a Phillies card, I’d be able to buy my graded vintage Phillies cards in much better condition.

For those of you who need help remembering this, gaze long and hard at Roy Halladay’s hypnotic stare shown in last year’s Heritage card. He doesn’t want you confusing the Phillies with the A’s (or Pirates) either.

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