Illustrating a Point

Featured cards: 2011 Topps #232, Jamie Moyer; & the card’s Diamond Anniversary, Gold, Target Retro and Wal Mart Black Border parallels

I decided to use Jamie Moyer just to illustrate a point, but it could have been far worse. Just for the hell of it, I decided to get all the parallels of his Topps card this year. However, imagine if I had chosen a Phillie (i.e., Utley or Halladay) who had a sparkle variation and also appeared in the 2011 Topps Opening Day set. We’re talking three more versions of essentially the same card, and I’m not even including the Platinum, Gold Canary Diamond and Printing Plate parallels — which are all 1/1. Then there’s Topps Chrome, due out later this month, which far more often than not reuses the exact same damn photo and design. This madness needs to stop. Sadly, neither Topps nor MLB shows any inclination to curtail the atrocity that parallels have become.

By the way, the fact that the Diamond Anniversary parallel scan came out the clearest amuses me to no end.

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