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Featured Cards: 2011 Topps Chrome #186, Domonic Brown; 2011 Topps Phillies Team Set #PHI6, Domonic Brown; 2011 Topps #421, Domonic Brown

A post from Night Owl Cards this past Thursday reminded me of the Topps and Topps Chrome variations on the Domonic Brown photo. As I mentioned in the third part of my posts about parallels, what Topps did isn’t all that unusual — although the overwhelming majority of the cards in the two sets use the same photos, you can frequently find differences in the two sets. However, what I found interesting is that the Domonic Brown photo used in the Chrome set was the same one they used in the Topps Phillies Team set:

(Quick aside: Once again, I’m stuck by the ugliness of the foil lettering on the Phillies Team version, which is printed in the same manner as the regular Topps set. I really do wish Topps would ditch the foil and just use plain, contrasting lettering instead of foil on their regular issue. Also, notice Topps’s inconsistency in the use of the “RC” logo — a massive pet peeve of mine.)

I have a theory as to why Topps went with Brown’s Phillies Set photo in the Chrome set: their bungling of the “sparkle” on Brown’s helmet — something that Topps has (to my knowledge) refused to acknowledge or address would become even more painfully obvious once that “sparkle” either appeared or didn’t appear on the Chrome version. Not using the photo from the original Topps card meant that they could sidestep the controversy and continue to act like they didn’t screw up when they issued the original Brown card.

The Brown card aside, since I really don’t bother with anything other than Phillies cards, I have no idea how many of the alternate photos in the Chrome set are found in other team issues or in the Opening Day set. In fact, how many of the photos are truly unique? Although I haven’t posted about it for a few weeks now, this seems like the type of thing that my database project is perfect for — noting when the Topps, Topps Opening Day, Topps Chrome or Topps Phillies Team Set (all of which use the same card design) uses a truly unique photo. In putting that information would create another layer of work, but seeing as the database won’t be complete for at least another year anyway, adding another layer of data isn’t that big a deal. As I think about that, it makes me realize I could use this a launching pad into a new series of posts, but before I do that, I will make sure I first finish up my series on parallels.

Current database progress (it’s been a while since my last update): 10,968 items; last set information entered: 1910 Luxello Cigars A’s/Phillies Pins (P13)


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