Anxiety and Trepidation: Time for Terminator 3

Featured Cards: 1992 Bowman #39, Terry Mulholland; 2010 Bowman 1992 Bowman Throwbacks #BT73, Roy Halladay

I haven’t posted since the end of the regular season, but I have a good reason: during the playoffs, I become a bundle of nervous wreck of a fan when it comes to the Phillies. I try my best to keep my expectations to a minimum — even with this year’s squad — because I understand that MLB’s playoffs are the biggest crapshoot of all the professional sports. However, my anxiety and trepidation levels increase during the postseason, and as a result I’ve found it hard to even wrote about collecting Phillies cards in a meaningful fashion since the NLDS started. The best way I can describe this feeling is by pointing out the back of Terry Mulholland’s 1992 Bowman card. I don’t know what the photographer or Topps was thinking, but this has got to be the most puzzling portrait shot to make it on a card in the past 20 years. Is Mulholland imagining he’s a pirate? Wishing he was somewhere else? Gassy? Showing his “O” face? Whatever he’s conveying, it’s probably not all that different from mine when watching a tense Phillies playoff game.

However, tonight’s do-or-die Game 5 happens to coincide with a Roy Halladay start. The last couple times I’ve posted a card in conjunction with one of his starts, he came through with the win. So, it’s time to appease the baseball gods once again in the hopes that it brings us to the promised land of the NLCS. Given I just highlighted a 1992 Bowman card, it seems appropriate to use the 1992 throwback card of him that Topps created for last year’s Bowman set. Here’s to hoping that the Terminator gambit can work his magic yet again.


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