Featured Cards: 1979 Topps Comics #28, Pete Rose; 1935 Diamond Stars #15, Dick Bartell

Yes, the numbers in the subject line of this post and the tagline below the name of this blog you see are correct. 14,000 Phillies now has over 15,000 items. As I approached this number, I decided to make sure that the collectible receiving the honor of my denoting it as #15,000 was something special. So, I placed an online order with Cavalcade of Sports for a few graded vintage cards. I figured that when the package arrived, I would choose one from the group and post about it.

But then, Jay (owner of Cavalcade of Sports) surprised me. After I placed the order, he sent me an email saying my package was on its way that he would include a bonus or two. While I appreciate the nice touch of his throwing in a couple freebies, I truly didn’t expect much because every time a dealer has done this in the past, I’ve received something already housed in my collection. When I initially opened my package, I found a complete set of 1992 Sportflics Kellogg’s, which contains a Mike Schmidt card. Fine, but I already have the card. The pleasant surprise came wedged between the 1952 Red Man Tobacco Willie Jones and another slabbed card (which I am now unable to recall): the 1979 Topps Comics Pete Rose you see at the top of this post.

The funny thing about this particular “card” is that in 1979, I lived in an area which had this test issue product. I don’t know if I ever owned the Rose comic, but I do remember buying more than a few pieces of the gum these comics were wrapped (Bazooka-style) around. I don’t recall what tragedy befell the comics I did own, but I know I no longer had them when I entered my teen years — the time I started taking my card collection seriously.

The card that most likely would have been denoted #15,000, if fate had not intervened.

Anyway, getting this particular item was never a priority for me. In fact, I never placed it on any want lists I compiled in the past (I am working on putting together a new one, but that’s still in the early stages). So, receiving this comic was a very welcome surprise — so much so that I decided to denote it as #15,000 in the collection.

Moving forward, I will retain the name of this blog. It was created in anticipation of adding #14,000 to the collection, and I see no reason at this time to change its name just because I’ve added another 1,000 cards since then. Furthermore, I truly believe that rate of growth is truly the product of a variety of different factors that have vanished or are now quickly waning. I truly don’t believe that it will take me just under six months to add the next 1,000 cards — however, it wouldn’t surprise me if it happens more quickly than I expect it to occur. Maybe at some point down the road, I will update the name of the blog, but it won’t be till well after #16,000 gets added.

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