John Mayberry, Jr.: This Year’s Toughest Phillies Pull

Featured Card: 2011 Topps Update Silk Collection (no #), John Mayberry, Jr.

If you’re looking for the hardest Phillie to find on a Topps issue this year, then you can thankfully forget all about parallels, memorabilia swatches and autograph cards. However, you do have to worry about tracking down an insert with a print run limited to just 50: the John Mayberry, Jr. card you see here. That’s right, as was the case with Brian Schneider last year, if you didn’t pick up one of the two sets issued by the Phillies, then your only chance of getting a Mayberry card was via an insert card. However, the key difference is that Mayberry’s Silk Collection card is much harder to find than the Topps 206 Schnieder autograph (which can still be relatively easy to find on eBay). But, at least he got a card. Outside of those Phillies team issues, Antonio Bastardo hasn’t been on a card since 2009 and neither Pete Orr or Ross Gload will ever see himself wearing a Phillies uniform on a Topps issue. Never fear though — Topps made plenty sure that you can acquire numerous cards featuring the likes of Austin Hyatt, Domingo Santana, Josh Zeid, Brody Colvin, Jiwan James and a slew of other “prospects” who won’t get any closer to the Majors than playing for the Reading Phillies (if that).

If only either MLB or the MLBPA would come up with a real solution for the ridiculousness of the situation.

3 responses to “John Mayberry, Jr.: This Year’s Toughest Phillies Pull

  1. seriously, that’s messed up.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on this card. I’m now the proud owner of #23 of 50, snagged for about $20 including shipping on eBay! I was happy to have to shift 1/2 of my Phillies 2011 Toops cards one slot over to fit it into the right order in my sheets.

    I didn’t appreciate how the silk card moves around in the little window there. It would have been cool if they had replicated the back of the Topps card in miniature on the back of the silk card–although for Mayberry and a few others, they would have had to actually create a back just for this set. Which is probably why they didn’t do that.

    • This means that we now know the whereabouts of three of these cards (Jim over at The Phillies Room has one as well). We should set up some sort of registration site and see if we can find out the rest of the exclusive club who owns this particular card. 🙂

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