Getting Lucky on eBay

Featured Card: 2005 Upper Deck Trilo3y Signature Materials #TSM-MS, Mike Schmidt

When looking on eBay for cards to add to my collection, I frequently place what I know are low bids on cards in the hopes that I will have something drop into my lap for a price well-below what the card should really sell for. Basically, I’m hoping that dumb luck will smile upon me. It probably doesn’t happen any more frequently than once every few months or so, but when it does, I almost always end up feeling ecstatic over my new addition — especially once it arrives in the mail.

This happened last week with the Schmidt card you see posted here. The card arrived in the mail earlier today, and while the card is not exactly in the advertised condition (there’s a very light surface scratch that runs diagonally across the front of the card that went unmentioned), I still feel the price I paid it for was a bargain. Of course, even at the bargain price it blew a decent-sized hole into my monthly budget for cards. Nonetheless, I have nothing to complain about.


One response to “Getting Lucky on eBay

  1. Nicely done! That’s a great looking card.

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