2011-12-04 Phillie Filler for the Day

Featured Card: 1994 Mellon PSFS Phillies #45 (uniform number), Shawn Boskie

2 responses to “2011-12-04 Phillie Filler for the Day

  1. Did you separate all the cards or leave them intact? I had left my set intact until a few years ago when I decided to go ahead and separate all the cards.

    • I separated them. However, I did also use a paper cutter and attempted to cut along the perforations. While that did make for cleaner edges, I didn’t do a perfect job and on a few of the cards you can actually see perforation fringing that looks more than a little out of place. In a world where I have more resources at my disposal, I would pick up a second, still intact set and just frame it.

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