Intro to The Year in Phillies Cards Review

Featured Cards: 2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary #511, Philadelphia Phillies; 2011 Topps Opening Day Mascots #M-17, Phillies Phanatic; 2011 Topps Heritage #72, Philly’s Men Up the Middle

While I’ve only maintained this blog for eight months, I’ve actually spent over 20 years regularly writing for a variety of different venues. In all that time, I’ve never composed a year-in-review piece (or series) of any kind. In addition, Bowman Sterling is the only unreleased 2011 issue at this time, and given the nature of the set, I doubt that it will have much impact on anything I might want to say about the Phillies baseball cards issued this calendar year. Therefore, now seemed like a perfect time to finally end the drought and leap headlong into such a project.

Unfortunately, because we are now in the second year of Topps’s second era of monopoly control over the industry, this probably won’t be as fun as it would have been 15 years ago when we had six different manufacturers running the presses day and night in an effort to separate us from our money. However, I plan to make this as positive as possible. I have two overriding guidelines for my 2011 Phillies Cards in Review series: 1) all topics I choose and all cards I feature are grounded in my own collection of 2011 cards, and 2) keep it overwhelming positive. I have spent a lot of time bashing Topps over the past eight months, and will likely continue to do so in 2012. Granted, it’s almost certain that I’ll work in some good-spirited snark into what I want to say, but I will do what I can to keep it to keep the true negativity an absolute minimum.

So, in the vein of keeping it positive, here is a tentative list of subjects (in approximate order of appearance) for my 2011 Phillies Cards in Review Series:

Rookie Card of the Year
Parallel Card of the Year
Parallel Series of the Year
Insert Card of the Year
Insert Series of the Year
Autograph Card of the Year
Memorabilia Card of the Year
Card Back Design of the Year
Base Card of the Year
Set of the Year

Along the way, I will almost certainly throw in a few more subjects as they strike my fancy. For example, I have a card in mind for Most Amusing Card of the Year, but that post may actually end up with an entirely different name — I’m still mulling it over. In addition, any Phillies news that occurs will certainly take precedence over any entries in this series. Nonetheless, I plan to have some fun with this and hope to complete the series before 2012 begins. I’ll start tomorrow with my pick for Phillies Rookie Card of the Year.

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