2012-01-09 Phillie Filler for the Day

Featured Card: 2006 Topps Co-Signers Co-Signers Autographs #CS-26, Chase Utley & Mike Schmidt

Typically, when I bid for a card on eBay, I decide what I’m really willing to pay for a card and make that my first and final bid. I don’t like getting caught up in bidding wars, and I really have much better use for my time than waiting until the last 10 seconds of an auction to place my bid in an effort to make sure that the only person who can possibly outbid me is someone who placed a higher bid before me. However, there are exceptions, and this card was one of them. I don’t want to admit to how much I paid for it, but I will fess up to raising my bid two more times when I got outbid in the final 24 hours of the auction. Normally, I’d kick myself for doing so, but in this case, it was totally worth it. When I finally have the ability to properly display my collection, this will be one of the highlighted pieces.


2 responses to “2012-01-09 Phillie Filler for the Day

  1. This just made me think of something I’d been mulling over for awhile. The lameness of Pat Burrell’s autograph holds back its value. Pat the Bat autographs should go for a similar amount to those of Utley or Rollins (maybe less than J-Roll because he was an MVP). But they go for a lot less, and I think it’s because his autograph is so, well, bland. Check out on eBay how little a 2000 Topps Pat Burrell autographed card goes for. It looks to me like an on-card autograph, and it’s from his rookie year, but you can easily get one for under $15.

    This Schmidt and Utley card is a nice one though!

  2. I think the other thing holding back the value of Burrell’s autographs is the sheer ubiquity of them. I don’t have a way (at the moment) of getting a complete count of his autograph issues, but it wouldn’t surprise me to discover that there are over 100 of them. Furthermore, most of his autograph issues came during a time when the print runs were generally much higher than they are today. Finally, as you point out, his autograph wasn’t much to look at. However, what I find interesting about it is that on some of the much more limited issues, his autograph is much less minimal. I should make it a point to put together a post about that at another time.

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