Terry Mulholland, One and Done on the HOF Ballot

Featured Card: 1989 Phillies Tastykake Team Issue #45 (uniform number), Terry Mulholland

Terry Mulholland didn’t get a single vote for the HOF yesterday. I find that a little disappointing. I like to think that every player who finds himself on the ballot should have at least one writer who is willing to waste a token vote as a way of saying “Thank you” for a memorable career. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, but for what it’s worth, five other players on this year’s ballot didn’t get a vote either.

So, in honor of just having his name on the ballot, here’s what I’m fairly is Mulholland’s first Phillies card. I’m basing this on my recollection that the update the Phillies issued for their Tastykake set that year hit the stadium newsstands before the Fleer Update boxed set (the only other set to picture him as a Phillie in 1989) arrived on dealer shelves. While definitely not a Hall of Famer, he provided a couple memorable moments for Phillies fans by throwing the first nine-inning no-hitter in Veteran’s Stadium history and by starting the 1993 All Star Game — an honor very few other Phillies have earned. On a more personal level, I was in attendance for two different, memorable, complete-game wins of his wherein the Phillies won in walk-off fashion.

If I had a vote to waste, I would’ve wasted it on him.


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