2012-01-19 Phillie Filler Special

Featured Card: 2010 Topps Update Series #US-100[b], Robin Roberts

When putting together the most recent installment of my 2011 Phillies Cards in Review, I was stunned to realize that it was the first time I had featured a Robin Roberts card on this blog. Seeing that I committed a grave injustice, I decided it was necessary that two posts were necessary for today. I decided to run with this particular card because it’s almost certainly the best Phillies card issued of him since his retirement. A major reason why that’s the case is that I literally cannot think of another card of his that uses this photo, which is an amazing shot given the lack of decent in-action photos from the ’50s. In fact, I’m glad that Topps never attempted to use this photo in an Archives or Fan Favorites release as it would have looked woefully out of place in any of their vintage designs, none of which used action photos like this one.

I finish throwing this post together, I see that he is not the only notable Hall of Famer who has been woefully neglected. More double-posting may be needed in the near future.


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