2012-01-30 Phillie Filler of the Day

Featured Card: 2005 Donruss Signature Series HOF Quad Autograph #HOF-72, Mike Schmidt, Robin Roberts, Jim Bunning, & Steve Carlton


As of today, I officially became the owner of this little beauty. According to Beckett, only 38 were made. I do not believe that there’s another Phillies autograph card I would want more than this one. To my knowledge, there are no other cards bearing the signature of four different Phillies HOFers.

5 responses to “2012-01-30 Phillie Filler of the Day

  1. Wow! That’s a great card and definitely not deserving of the “filler” definition! Just wow.

    • Agreed, the card itself is certainly not “filler.” However, the spirit of these posts is that in lieu of one of my typical posts, I post a card and write little or nothing about it — thus, the post itself is “filler.”

      You have to admit, I really didn’t have to say much about this one.

  2. Agreed. It’s a terrific card.

  3. I guess Robin Roberts signed that one before he died. ;->

    Great card! I’ve seen both a bat and a photo signed by each of Roberts, Whitey, Schmidt, and Lefty. But I’ve never seen something designed to be signed by all 4 of them plus Bunning–although the 5 of them threw out the first pitch together at the 1996 All-Star Game. Does such an item exist, ooutside of people’s personal collections–so I’m talking about something specifically meant to be signed by all 5? Presumably it would have been done between December 1995 (when I believe Bunning was announced as a VC selection for the HOF) and September 1996 (when Ashburn died). If not, I suppose it was because the market for something like that was a bit saturated with combined Roberts, Whitey, Schmidt, and Lefty items, and anyone who might have created such an item thought they would wait a bit for demand to come back. Unfortunately, they didn’t get that chance.

    • I have no idea how many items exist featuring an autograph of all five of them, but my guess would be that it’s very small. I believe that I saw — but I’m not certain — that Upper Deck compiled mini book featuring cut autos for all five players for its 2011 SP Legendary Cuts set. However, that’s not something I paid enough attention to to properly note.

      One of the sad things about Ashburn’s passing was that he was listed as one of the players who was supposed to sign for the 1997 Topps Stars Rookie Reprint Autographs, but his sudden passing meant that his cards were never signed and/or never returned to Topps. Thus, all of his autograph issues are of the cut variety.

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