My First Phillies Look: 2012 Topps

Featured Card: 2012 Topps #243, Justin De Fratus

I’m still waiting for the “Master Team Set + Insert Cards” I purchased off of eBay to arrive, and I’d prefer to wait until I’ve had a chance to look at it before making sweeping comments about the new 2012 Topps cards. However, I did purchase a couple packs and ended up with the Michael Martinez and Justin De Fratus cards. I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed with De Fratus’s “official” rookie card.

First, the horizontal layout. In of itself, it’s a good photo and it works well in this format. However, I really, really wish that Topps would stop mixing horizontal and vertical layouts within the same set. Do one, or the other; not both. Second, what’s with the summary of Minor League stats on the back instead of listing all five years worth? The line spacing on the text box makes it clear that Topps was not hurting for room for them. More disconcertingly, he did have Major League stats in 2011. Admittedly, he only faced 17 batters over five appearances, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. It’s really a shame that Topps couldn’t be bothered to put together a proper back for the card. Overall, I have a positive first impression of the cards, but thanks to the De Fratus card, that impression carries a slightly unpleasant aftertaste.


3 responses to “My First Phillies Look: 2012 Topps

  1. Alas, my first pack yielded no Phillies. But I do like the both the general design and also the mix of horizontal and vertical–it reminds me of 1973 and 1974 Topps sets. Horizontal cards look good autographed as well!

    However, the back of that De Fratus card is lame. Why would they leave off his major league stats?

    • My only real (albeit major) complaint about mixing horizontal and vertical formats in the same set is that it mucks up the aesthetics when displaying the cards in 9-page sheets. However, that just may be an OCD tendency on my part.

  2. I understand and agree to an extent. I use 3-pocket sheets to hold my Phillies photocard sets, at least the ones since 1990 or so. (A couple years before that you need 2-pocket sheets for the bigger postcards and most years before it you could fit them in 4-pocket sheets.) Anyway, the 3-pocket sheets fit one horizontal and three vertical per page. Normally I keep the cards in alphabetical order, except for team photo, manager, and coaches at the front, and other special cards in the back. The photocard sets usually have a mix of horizontal and vertical cards, so to the extent I can place the horizontal cards in the horizontal pockets and vertical cards in the vertical pockets, I do, even if I have to break the alphabetical order.

    I suppose that is its own form of OCD….

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