2012-02-06 Phillies Filler of the Day

Featured Card: 1989 Phillies Tastykake (no #, uniform no. on back), Eric Bullock

It’s been a while since I featured a card of a player whose career with the Phillies barely registered at all, and you don’t get much more anonymous than Eric Bullock. His complete career line with the Phillies, covering six games in 1989:

Batting: 4 PA, 1 R (as a pinch runner), 1 K
Fielding: 4 Innings, 2 Chances, 2 Put Outs

That’s it. Literally — there are no other stats attributable to Bullock during his time with the Phillies. But, thankfully, we’ll always have this card, picturing him during an at bat against the Mets on June 25, 1989 where he struck out swinging against future Phillie Sid Fernandez, to remember him by.


One response to “2012-02-06 Phillies Filler of the Day

  1. Good detective work there to place the exact at-bat when that picture was taken!

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