1999 Stadium League Phillies Finest

Set Type: Primary (no inserts or parallels)
Card dimensions:
2½” x 3½”
Additional Information: Neither Beckett nor SCD list any information about this set. According to the small print on the back of the card, a company called Creative League, in conjunction with the Phillies who appear to have supplied the photos, produced the set. Children who played a card flipping game in the Fun Zone located in the 200 Level concourse of Veterans Stadium received the set as a prize. Although printed in 1999, the sets were still used as giveaway for the same card flipping game during the 2000 season. The Phillies also worked with Creative League to produce the 1999 Stadium League Phillies Fan Appreciation Day set.

Scott Rolen
Bobby Abreu
Rico Brogna
Ron Gant
Doug Glanville
Mike Lieberthal
Desi Relaford
Curt Schilling
Phillie Phanatic

4 responses to “1999 Stadium League Phillies Finest

  1. Wow, now this is a tough one to find. I imagine thousands of them are in kids’ (now young adults’) closets, but I’ve never come across this set before. Thanks for clueing us into it. I first came across the Fan Appreciation set that came out later in 1999 at the Philly Show a year or two ago, and I see it recently went unsold on eBay at $.99. But I haven’t seen this one before. It doesn’t look like it is currently on eBay either.

    You wouldn’t have two copies of it, would you?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have an additional set. Otherwise, I’d be glad to work out some sort of trade. As it is, I accidentally stumbled upon this set through sheer dumb luck. Although I regularly attended games, I usually stuck to the 500 level. However, one day in 2000 I got to the game really early, so I decided stroll around the the 200 Level concourse. That’s when I got a hold of one of these sets, and how I also knew they were still being distributed that year as well. Given how poorly the Phillies did those seasons, it’s not surprising that it took them two years to finally distribute all the sets.

  2. I usually bought Vet tickets in the 700 level and then sat in the 200 level myself….but somehow I missed it.

    I almost drove up to Reading one day last season–and dragged my kids along–specifically for a “baseball card poster” that was being given away to kids. But ultimately my wife put the kibosh on it, as I think one of them was going to have to miss a birthday party. I then tried to arrange a trade with some other R-Phils card collectors I knew, but no one had one. Later in the season I was at a game and saw that the poster was being given as a prize for the ring toss game, and they had a whole stack of them. So I bought $5 worth of ring toss tickets and won two of them. That beat driving an hour or more each way and paying $60 for gas and tickets earlier in the season.

    Sometimes you’re to be in the right place at the right time!

  3. Er, “Sometimes you’re _lucky_ to be….” it should say at the end there.

    Oh, and I did pass on the ring toss discovery to the other collectors I knew, so I suspect the R-Phils had a unexpected mini-run of adults playing ring toss last year.

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