A Little 14,000 Phillies Housekeeping

Featured Card: 1979 TCMA The ’50s (Baseball History Series) #53, Jim Konstanty; 1988 Score Rookie/Traded #45T, Bob Dernier

For the past couple months, I’ve had a placeholder page on this site titled “The Phillies Database Project.” Today, I finally started using it for its intended purpose by posting to it the current version of an Excel file I’m working on. This file, which I’ve referenced in previous posts, represents my effort to put together a database that lists every single Phillies card ever made, including all variations, parallels and inserts. I also posted four checklists to the website and updated the text on that page. Those four checklists represent another aspect of the project. From the “Phillies Database Project” page:

“an online version of the database which lists the checklists in a more user-friendly form and provides helpful information regarding each of the sets — including, but not limited to, sample scans of cards, links to data sources used to compile checklists and, where applicable, differences in how Beckett and Sports Collector Digest (SCD) refer to the set names.”

In addition to continuing my work on the Excel database, I hope to add a checklist every few days or so — posting them in place of the Phillies Filler posts I’ve made over the past couple months. With each addition, I will also update the Database Project Page, so that it will serve as a complete listing of all the checklists posted to the site. It’s my opinion that even in the Internet Age, there’s no single place where a Phillies Collector can use as his/her primary source of all collectibles. True, there are a couple sites with extensive information, but I know that I have legitimate issues from the past 20 years that do not appear in either Beckett, Sports Collectors Digest, TeamSets4U, or any other baseball card reference site that I’ve encountered. I don’t know if I will be able to create that site, but I’m going to give it my best effort.

One final note: as I state on the “Phillies Database Project” page, I welcome corrections, suggestions and comments of all types. Above all, I just want to make sure the information is right, and I will give proper credit to all those whose input is reflected in the various checklists posted on this site.

2 responses to “A Little 14,000 Phillies Housekeeping

  1. good luck….i don’t envy you getting to 2005.

    • If you look at the Excel file I posted, you’ll note that I do have what I believe is a complete listing of all the 2005 Donruss/Playoff Absolute Memorabilia cards, which alone accounts for 481 cards. The user-friendly versions of the checklists I’m posting here won’t list each individually (thought they will all be accounted for in one fashion or another), but that doesn’t make the task of reformatting that particular checklist any less daunting.

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