Database Considerations

Featured Cards: 2012 Topps #156, 2011 Wins Leaders: Kennedy, Kershaw, Halladay; 2012 Topps Gold Sparkle #259, Michael Stutes; 2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary #50[b], Mike Schmidt

Over the last couple days, as I have begun posting the online version of the Phillies Database Project, I’ve realized that there are a few issues that I haven’t properly thought through yet. None of them are going to slow down my work — at least, not initially since I can easily work around them at this time. However, they present difficulties that I should certainly address as quickly as possible.

The first and foremost of these is that I don’t collect multi-team cards showing members of the Phillies. Therefore, the Excel files that I use to compile and build the online version of the Database do not contain any information on them. Jim over at The Phillies Room was nice enough to supply the necessary edit to the 2003 Fleer Tradition Update checklist, and I immediately incorporated his input to it. However, I am wondering which is more efficient: letting other Phillies collectors submit that information or at least taking a cursory stab at compiling it myself before posting the relevant checklist. In the meantime, as I stumble across the information, I’m adding it. But, for now, I’m not actively attempting to compile the data for these cards.

The next part involves parallels — more specifically, how to present the information on them. Thus far, I’ve just included them as a single-line notation in the checklist of the base/primary set.  However, I would like to also include sample scans of all the parallels with each checklist. So, I need to decide whether to create separate lists for each parallel, or include sample scans of all the parallels with just one checklist. I think I have settled on the approach I’m going to take, but I haven’t completely made up my mind.

Then there’s the actual Phillies Database Project page. As of the moment I’m writing this, there are only nine checklists listed online. However, as the list grows, the current method of listing them on the Database page will soon become unwieldy. Again, I think I have a notion of how I will address this problem, but as with my solution for the parallels, my current solution isn’t the one I’ve decided upon. Additionally, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if at some point down the road I transfer the page onto its own website. In fact, that possibility is far more likely than not.

Finally — and more than anything else, this falls into the category of, “Oh, Well” — the very nature of the Online Database means that I will frequently reuse scans of cards multiple times. It’s something I try to avoid doing, but given that the Database straddles the line between serving as a component of this blog and existing as its own entity, I don’t really see how I can completely avoid it. Then again, if Topps can shamelessly reuse the same photo for multiple different cards, I shouldn’t flog myself for doing something similar.

This evening, I will post additional checklists for 2012 Topps and/or its various inserts.


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