2012 Topps

(Originally posted on February 15, 2012. Checklist updated and 14,000 Phillies commentary added on June 20, 2012)

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions:
2½” x 3½”
“Official” Rookie Cards: Michael Schwimer, Joe Savery, Justin De Fratus
Full Parallels: 14K Gold Embedded, serial #ed “1/1” on front of card; Black Border, serial #ed to 61 on back of card; Blank Backs, serial numbered “1/1” on back of card; Gold Sparkle; Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow Printing Plates — each serial #ed “1/1”; Platinum, serial #ed “1/1”; Target Red; Toys R Us Purple; Wal Mart Blue; Wood, serial #ed “1/1.” The 14K Gold Embedded parallels were available only by redeeming the code on the back of the Golden Giveaway Code cards. Topps distributed the Blank Backs parallels exclusively on eBay via The Topps Vault.

Partial Parallel: Silk Collection, additional information given below Primary checklist
Inserts: 1987 Minis, Career Day, Career Day Autograph Relics, Career Day Autographs, Career Day Relics, Commemorative Retired Number Patch, A Cut Above, Gold Futures, Gold Futures Autograph Relics, Gold Futures Autographs, Gold Futures Relics, Gold Standard, Gold Standard Autograph Relics, Gold Standard Autographs, Gold Standard Relics, Gold Team Rings, Golden Greats Commemorative Coins, Golden Moments (Series One), Golden Moments (Series Two), Golden Moments Autographs, Golden Moments Dual Relics, Golden Moments Relics, Golden Moments 24K Gold-Infused, Golden Moments Die-Cut Giveaways, Historical Stitches, In the Name Jumbo Letter Relics, Mound Dominance, Mound Dominance Autograph Relics, Mound Dominance Autographs, Mound Dominance Relics, Own the Name Jumbo Letter Relics, Retired Rings, Solid Golden Greats, Timeless Talents, Timeless Talents Dual Autographs, Timeless Talents Dual Relics, World Series Champion Gold Commemorative Pins
Additional Information: The Target Red, Toys R Us Purple, and Wal Mart Blue parallels are so-named because they were available only in specially marked packs at each respective retailer. Although the Ryan Howard card (#280) was issued in Series One, the SP variation was only made available in Series Two. Howard’s SP variation does not appear in any of the parallel sets.
14,000 Phillies Commentary: I take a lot of pleasure in pointing out that this set marks Michael Schwimer’s first ever appearance on a standard-sized baseball card. I haven’t made an exact count, but since the Phillies drafted him in 2008, Topps has produced Bowman prospect insert cards (which Beckett and Topps both insist do not count as real rookie cards) for roughly two-dozen Phillies “prospects” — the overwhelming majority of whom don’t/won’t even make it to Lehigh Valley. Yet, here’s Schwimer with a real rookie card in the Topps set. It almost makes up for the fact that Topps clearly decided to not issue a Freddy Galvis card in Series One or Series Two just so he can be part of the rookie hype for the Update & Highlight series later in the year.








Placido Polanco
Roy Oswalt (Active NL Wins Leaders, w/ Hernandez of Nationals & Wolf of Brewers)
Michael Martínez
Roy Oswalt (Active NL ERA Leaders, w/ Lincesum of Giants & Carpenter of Cardinals)
Domonic Brown
Carlos Ruiz
Hunter Pence
Roy Halladay
Roy Halladay (2011 NL Wins Leaders, w/ Kennedy of Diamondbacks & Kershaw of Dodgers)
Cole Hamels
Ryan Howard (2011 NL RBI Leaders, w/ Kemp of Dodgers & Fielder of Brewers)
Justin De Fratus
Michael Stutes
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard (SP; horizontal layout, back to camera, wearing alternate home jersey variation)
Antonio Bastardo
Roy Halladay & Cliff Lee (2011 NL ERA Leaders, w/ Kershaw of Dodgers)
Vance Worley
Jonathan Papelbon
John Mayberry, Jr.
Chase Utley
Jim Thome
Cliff Lee
Shane Victorino
Kyle Kendrick
Joe Savery
Michael Schwimer
Joe Blanton
Jimmy Rollins
José Contreras
Juan Pierre

Silk Collection Partial Parallel
Serial #ed print run 50. The cards are actually unnumbered. However, Topps’s marketing material included a checklist of the parallels and assigned them card numbers. Those numbers are used in the checklist below. Like the Silk Collection cards in all previous Topps issues, the silks are actually encased in clear plastic within a standard-sized 2½” x 3½” frame. Card numbers SC1 through SC100 were issued in Series One packs while card numbers SC101 through SC200 were issued in Series Two packs.

Hunter Pence
Roy Halladay
Cole Hamels
Ryan Howard
Antonio Bastardo
Vance Worley
Cliff Lee
Jimmy Rollins
Chase Utley
Shane Victorino
Jim Thome

4 responses to “2012 Topps

  1. There’s also a purple parallel available exclusively in hanger packs from Toys R Us.

  2. You missed a number: 92 Active ERA Leaders with Oswalt,Lincecum, and Carpenter (sorry, just sorting my 2012 Philies cards for the first time)

    • Thank you for pointing that out. Unfortunately, I do not actively pursue multi-team cards, so it’s easier than I’d like to admit for me to miss them in these checklists. I have updated the checklist accordingly.

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