1958 Philadelphia Phillies Team Picture Pack

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions:
5” x 7”
Additional Information: The checklist below comes directly from the SCD 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, and was confirmed by Jim of The Phillies Room, who posted scans of the complete set (the images shown above are courtesy of him). Beckett currently lists nothing about this issue. Because the blank-backed cards are unnumbered, the checklist below lists the cards in alphabetical order. The 2011 Standard Catalog states the following about the set (p. 276):

“This set… was most likely issued in 1958, though it is also possible the set was issued in 1957 (or both). This team issue set differs from the contemporary Jay Publishing picture packs in that it does not have the city name in the identification line, only the player name in all-caps and ‘Phillies.'”

Harry Anderson
Richie Ashburn
Bob Bowman
Dick “Turk” Farrell
Chico Fernandez
Granny Hamner
Stan Lopata
Rip Repulski
Robin Roberts
Jack Sanford
Curt Simmons
Mayo Smith (manager)

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