1986 Burger King All-Pro Series

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions:
Approximately 2½” x 3½”
Additional Information: Produced for Burger King by Mike Schecter Associates, the cards were issued with the purchase of a Whopper sandwich and came in folded panels of two cards each, along with a coupon. Although officially licensed by the MLBPA, the cards were not licensed by MLB. As a result, all the logos and team insignia are air-brushed out of the photos. Because of the way they were distributed, individual cards usually have one or two perforated edges.

Mike Schmidt (complete panel w/ Carlton)
Steve Carlton (complete panel w/ Schmidt)
Glenn Wilson (complete panel w/ Rice of Red Sox)
Juan Samuel (complete panel w/ Boggs of Red Sox)

2 responses to “1986 Burger King All-Pro Series

  1. steveinphilly

    That’s a sweet-looking card of Sammy! All that cinder block. I wonder how many photos they combed through to find just the right one.


    • I never gave it much thought before, but you’re absolutely right. We see plenty of posed and in-action shots on baseball cards these days, but we rarely see non-action photos of players when they seem unaware that a photographer is taking their picture. Given that this was a Mike Schecter Associates issue — and they were typically much lower budget productions — my guess is that they didn’t have more than one or two shots such as this one.

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