Odds and Ends

Featured Cards: 1999 Sports Illustrated by Fleer #15, Roger Clemens & Curt Schilling; 2011 Leaf Ink Cuts Philly’s Finest, Seth Morehead; 2012 Topps Opening Day #108, Roy Oswalt

As the last few weeks of posts clearly show, I’m enjoying working on the online portion of The Phillies Database Project. So long as I post checklists more quickly than new sets appear, there’s a consistent sense of progress. Furthermore, because I actually maintain one other regularly-updated blog as well as attempt to keep up with friends and family on social networking sites, this particular project provides me with a ready-made template for relatively easy posting. However, this blog was started for other reasons — so, I intend to bring some balance to what gets posted here. Before I embark down that road, a few odds and ends regarding 14,000 Phillies

Thus far, with just one notable exception I have only posted checklists for which I own a card I could use for a sample scan. Unfortunately, my desire to post checklist for sets as they appear means that will end very soon. I do not have a either of the 2012 Topps Golden Moments Game-Used Memorabilia cards or the Schmidt 2012 Topps Retired Rings card. I will most likely post the checklists in the next couple days or so, and include sample scans once I have any of those cards in hand. If, however a good Samaritan out there would like to send me the necessary good-quality scans, I will of course properly credit the individual…

I went against what I wrote a couple months ago and actually purchased a 2011 Leaf Ink Cuts Philly’s Finest card. Although I like adding Phillies autographs to my collection, the card will not go into the Database. The Database is for cards, coins and similar items that are easily discernible as Phillies collectibles. If the cards said “Philadelphia, NL” or some variation thereof, I would probably add them. However, the fact that you need to look up the player on a site like Baseball-Reference.com in order to determine whether the card is of a Phillie means that it is not such a collectible…

One last note on the Database (for now): I do update checklists after they are posted. If you take a look at the 2012 Topps checklist I posted over three weeks ago, you’ll see the format I intend to keep using to address parallels and partial parallels. I think this is much better than posting a separate checklist for every single parallel set. However, I am open to suggestions regarding a better format…

Finally, although I already purchased a complete Phillies team set that includes some inserts and a couple of the blue parallels off of eBay, I bought and ripped a couple packs of 2012 Topps Opening Day last night. Once again, I am struck by how unnecessary the foil on the regular Topps issue is; the Opening Day cards just look cleaner. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it. Having said that, it’s nice to add one final Oswalt card to the collection. I can’t imagine Topps including him as a Phillies when they issue the second series of 2012 Topps. However, this all assumes that he doesn’t somehow return as a mid-season acquisition.


4 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. Agreed completely on the foil-free nature of these cards and how much better they look,

    Other than the Phanatic card being exclusive to the OD set, are there any different photos of Phillies in the OD set than those in the base Topps set? I suppose you can’t tell with all of them yet, as I’m sure some OD cards have been issued of Phillies that will appear in the second series of the base Topps set. Are there ever different photos in the OD set? I know there occasionally are in the chrome and in the Topps team set that you can buy at Wawa and elsewhere.

    • It’s too early to tell with this year’s cards, but sometimes a card does get through as being unique to Opening Day. The Oswalt is a good candidate for this year. In 2008, Aaron Rowand had card as a Phillie in Opening Day but not in Topps or in any of the other sets that utilized the regular Topps design. In 2010, Halladay’s Opening Day card was airbrushed with him wearing #32, but while they did reuse the same photo for his regular Topps card, they corrected the airbrushing so that his number was 34. There may very well be other instances, but because I didn’t start properly researching this until fairly recently (I didn’t start picking up Opening Day cards until the past couple years) I don’t know what they might be.

  2. Thanks, that’s helpful to know there are some differences. *OD* are close enough in design to the basic Topps set for my *OCD* to kick in–as with Chrome, the specially packaged team set, and the 2002 Fan Appreciation Day set you featured right before this, since it’s the same design as the basic Topps set, I will mix them in with my basic Topps cards if there is a different photo. So now I have some more cards to hunt down…. (Also, there is the matter of the John Mayberry silk, which I (a) need to find, and (b) need to then find a way to store with the rest of the 2011 Topps Phillies cards.)

    • I’m completely with you when it comes to the OCD need to put together a truly complete set of cards using the same design. The 2006 set, in particular, is a nasty one because Topps, Topps Chrome, Topps Update Series and the Topps Phillies Team set all have at least one unique card (I haven’t seen all the Topps Opening Day Phillies to know if it has any unique cards as well). Furthermore, you have have the Topps Chrome Rookie Logo inserts and the Topps Factory Set Rookie Bonus cards, which also use the regular Topps design and have unique Phillies cards.

      One of things I plan to start posting in the relatively near future are “design” checklists — i.e., a list showing all the cards that use a particular design. It could really get interesting when dealing with something like the 1952 Topps design, which Topps has repeatedly reused over the past 15 years.

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