2011 Phillies Fan Appreciation Night Postcard Set

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions:
4″ x 6″
Additional Information: Issued on September 22, 2011, this is the second of two extremely similar postcard sets the Phillies released as end-of-season giveaways. This particular set’s header card has a picture of the Citizens Bank Park playing field while a game is in progress. Other than the different header card, the only other difference between this set and the 2011 Phillies Postcard Set issued a few days earlier is that the front of the cards in this set bear a Citizens Bank Park logo. Otherwise, the two sets are identical. The cards are unnumbered.

Header Card (“Thank you fans!”)
Pat Gillick (“Hall of Fame Executive”)
Roy Halladay (“All-Star Starter”)
Cole Hamels (“Retro Night”)
Cliff Lee (“Three Consecutive Shutouts”)
Hunter Pence (“The Trade”)
Wilson Valdéz (“Pitching In”)
Harry Kalas Statue Dedication
2011 Philadelphia Phillies

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