Featured Card: 2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection #260, Pat Burrell

Over this past weekend, I received an order I made from CheckOutMyCards.com. There was no one card in the order that was all that special — nearly everything was material from 2004-2008. However, it did contain what became card number 15,500 in my collection. Based solely on the order of how I entered the additions into my spreadsheets, the Pat Burrell card featured here become that number. These additions result in the fact that I have added in less than 11 months over 1,500 cards to the collection. This truly has been only made possible by the fact that I collected so little (comparatively speaking) during the aforementioned four-year period. Unless I find myself needing to to heavily curtail my collecting for a multi-year period once more, I truly doubt my collection will ever expand at this rate again.

I’m roughly six weeks away from the first anniversary of the start of this blog. When I made my initial post, I was at 13,993 cards at the time (hence the name of this blog). I have updated the number at the top of the blog to show the collection’s exact count as of this morning. It will be interesting to see what the count will be when May 4, 2012 arrives.


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