2012 Topps Opening Day

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions:
2½” x 3½”
Parallels: Blank Backs, serial numbered “1/1”; Blue, serial numbered to 2,012; Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow Printing Plates — each serial #ed “1/1.” All parallels serial numbered on back of card. Topps distributed the Blank Backs parallels exclusively on eBay via The Topps Vault.

Inserts: Elite Skills, Fantasy Squad, Mascots, Opening Day Stars

Roy Halladay
Chase Utley
Shane Victorino
Domonic Brown
Vance Worley
Jimmy Rollins
Ryan Howard
Roy Oswalt
Carlos Ruiz
Hunter Pence
Cliff Lee
Cole Hamels

2 responses to “2012 Topps Opening Day

  1. Seeing your mention of “Mascots” for this set reminds me–an interesting post would be one listing all Phillie Phanatic cards.

    In my collection of Phillies cards, I have a few subsets where I will repeat cards (i.e., I need two of them–one for the main set and one for the subset). Right now, off the top of my head, those include postseason cards and team photo cards, in their own binder.* I’m thinking about having adding a collection of Phanatic cards to the binder as well. Since it’s fairly difficult to find people selling singles from the photocard sets, I may have to keep it to standard-sized cards only. The earliest Phanatic card I am aware of is from 1992, Opening Day and the Topps standalone Phillies team set seems to have had him in a couple times as well.

    * It’s not a large binder…. Actually, those mini-collections share a binder with the entire subset of Phillies 2008 UD Documentary cards, which I purchased to remember that season (in the lame way that UD did with the repeating, non-game-specific photos). I also picked up the opposing team’s cards for the postseason games (out of a sense of Schadenfreude, I suppose–but it was too much cost and trouble to buy them for the 162 regular season games). Call it a “Miscellaneous” Phillies binder.

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