2006 Topps Factory Set Rookie Bonus

Set Type: Insert
Card dimensions:
2½” x 3½”
Additional Information: Cards were issued as a “bonus” in complete factory sets issued by Topps. Coste, the only Phillie in the set, was only available, along with all the other cards numbered 11-20, in the holiday factory sets. The photo of Coste used in this set was not used in any of the other sets that used the basic 2006 Topps design.

19 Chris Coste

2 responses to “2006 Topps Factory Set Rookie Bonus

  1. Do you know what other Phillies cards were issued as bonuses in Topps factory sets besides this one, a Greg Golson one in 2004, and the 5 cards of Utley, Halladay, Werth, Rollins and Howard issued with the 2010 Phillies-branded Topps factory set?

    • Halladay had one in one of last year’s factory sets, which Beckett lists as “Factory Set All-Star Game Bonus.” Howard had completely different factory bonus card in the 2010 factory retail set (#RS1).

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