2012 Topps Heritage 1963 Buybacks

Set Type: Insert
Card dimensions:
2½” x 3½”
Additional Information: Seeded in packs of 2012 Topps Heritage. For the fifth straight year, Topps included buybacks of the cards whose design was replicated in its Heritage set. As with every other previous year, Topps desecrated the vintage original by applying on its front a “50th Anniversary” foil stamp that bears the year the card was originally issued and the year it was seeded in packs of Heritage.

The checklist below does not list the variations that appeared in the original 1963 Topps set, as it is unlikely that Topps procured any of the rarer variations for inclusion into this insert set.





Art Mahaffey
Phillies Team Card
Ray Culp & John Boozer (1963 Rookie Stars subset; w/ Ellis & Gonder – both Reds)
Tony González
Dennis Bennett
Bobby Wine
Dallas Green
Jack Hamilton
Earl Averill
Frank Torre
Clay Dalrymple
Cookie Rojas
Billy Smith
Don Demeter
Roy Sievers
Don Hoak
Gene Mauch (Manager)
Jack Baldschun
Tony Taylor
Art Mahaffey
Bob Oldis
Johnny Callison
Ruben Amaro, Sr.
Paul Brown
Cal McLish
Wes Covington
Marcelino Lopez (1963 Rookie Stars subset; w/ Lovrich of Athletics, Plaskett of Pirates, & Ratliff of Twins)
Billy Klaus
John Herrnstein (1963 Rookie Stars subset; w/ Davis of Colt .45s, Gosger of Red Sox, & Stargell of Pirates)
Johnny Klippstein

12 responses to “2012 Topps Heritage 1963 Buybacks

  1. It’s only the 49th anniversary of the 1963 set. Who is doing the math at Topps?

    • I noticed that too — the foil stamp on all the Heritage buybacks over the past five years has the same “50th Anniversary” text. I figured that I already wasted my snarky remark about the cards on the fact that Topps felt the need to place a foil stamp on the buybacks, rather than just insert them and let collectors be pleased if they found one in a pack.

  2. steveinphilly

    It all got screwed up when they used the 1952 design in 2001. They should have waited a year and then it would always be 50 years later. That would make sense, no?

    And speaking of desecration, imagine running the foil stamp over card 553, Willie Stargell’s rookie. Or over the Pete Rose rookie that probably costs 5-10x more than Stargell’s.

  3. Oh, and this goes more under the 2012 Heritage review, but since that is in the past…I attended the On Deck with the Phillies Reception today at CBP, put on by the Chamber of Commerce (my first time going to it). I packed up a bunch of cards as there were going to be autograph opportunities. Unfortunately, those opportunities were only with Charlie Manuel and a bunch of back-ups and bullpen pitchers, but it was still a nice event. Anyway, Joe Savery was one of four players handing out the welcome bags, and I had one of the 2012 Rookie Stars cards from Heritage. He was standing next to Pete Orr, who said, “Hey Joe, look, you’re a star!” I asked him if he had seen the error version of it. He said no. I told him that there was a version that said 1962 Rookie Stars, which surprised him. He said, “How did they screw that up?” I told him that it was an intentional error” by Topps, and that apparently there were every few because they sell for about $100 on eBay. He said he would look it up. Orr said something like, “You think he’ll pay $100 for his own card? Doubtful.” Anyway, a fun time was had by all–especially Pete Orr.

    • If it were me, I’d do my best to get one of every single baseball card printed of me — including the ridiculous, gimmicky variations. However, I can also completely understand why a baseball player might roll his eyes at the idea of that sort of thing.

  4. Certainly I would as well, considering I try something like that right now but for an entire team!

    But perhaps he’s jaded already–or at least he is in Pete Orr’s eyes. Maybe Savery is looking it up on eBay right now. It would have been cool if Topps had a position error on his card, by the way, given that he played both offense and pitcher last year at different times.

    BTW, four players were giving out the welcome bags, and I could identify not a one. I asked a guy with a Phillies badge, and he could only spot Orr, plus he thought he heard someone say another was Savery. (I was thinking, come on, man, these are the guys that put food on your table–you should know them!) So I asked Orr for an autograph and then asked him whether a certain other of the 4 was Savery (basing it on the picture on the card). He saidm yes, so then I asked Savery who the other two were–it turned out they were Bryan Sanches (thank you 2007 Heritage for setting me up with a card) and Pat Misch (I had nothing for him).

  5. I noticed on eBay that topps made a very few framed buy backs of stick ons. The one I seen on eBay is 3/5 and selling for $149. I collect Johnny cards because I didn’t think topps would make a crazy rare card like this but if they did it must be mine. Do you have any idea if they did make one?


  6. Wow, I didn’t know about these until you posted about them here. I will keep an eye open for Callison or Mahaffey. I would guess that Topps probably did them, but I will hold off on posting a checklist until I get reliable information.

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