2012 Phillies Team Issue First Edition

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 4″ x 6″
Additional Information: Issued at the start of the 2012 season, some of the player selections likely result from the fact that the set went into production before the team broke from spring training. As with nearly all Phillies Team Issue sets, the cards bear the player’s uniform number, but are not otherwise numbered in the manner typical for most card sets. The cards are listed in alphabetical order by player last name.

The set is notable for the Michael Schwimer’s first ever professional baseball card. Yes, somehow Topps managed to miss him while producing a plethora of Bowman prospect cards for players who never play a game above A-ball.

Antonio Bastardo
Mick Billmeyer (Coach)
Joe Blanton
Domonic Brown
José Contreras
Rich Dubee (Coach)
Freddy Galvis
Greg Gross
Roy Halladay
Cole Hamels
David Herndon
Ryan Howard
Kyle Kendrick
Cliff Lee
Pete Mackanin (Coach)
Charlie Manuel (Manager)
Michael Martínez
John Mayberry, Jr.
Laynce Nix
Jonathan Papelbon
Hunter Pence
Sam Perlazzo (Coach)
Juan Pierre
Scott Podsednik
Placido Polanco
Chad Qualls
Jimmy Rollins
Carlos Ruiz
Juan Samuel (Coach)
Brian Schneider
Michael Schwimer
Michael Stutes
Jim Thome
Chase Utley
Shane Victorino
Ty Wigginton
Vance Worley
Phillie Phanatic

4 responses to “2012 Phillies Team Issue First Edition

  1. I like the design of these cards, including the words “First Edition” on the front. As I mentioned on another blog (I think Phillies Room), keep an eye out for a “Version 1.1” at some point in the early summer that keeps the same design but adds some cards–at the very least, Pete Orr will probably be added to the First Edition.

    • The “First Edition” is a really nice touch — especially given the fact that the Phils have been issuing either mid-year updates or brand new sets altogether for years now. I hope they will continue to note which edition the set is with future printings of team-issued sets.

  2. Dennis Orlandini

    Two Questions:
    First. I’m assuming that this card set has nothing to do with the team issued large post card- sized set that is issued every year by the team (sold separtely or as part of its publications Package).
    Second: How does one obtain this card set?

    • This is the regular, large postcard-sized set issued by the team every year. You can get them at any newsstand in the park, or if (like me) you are unable to get to CPB, you can also get them pretty readily on eBay.

      What in the post that made you think that this wasn’t the regular team set? I’d like to avoid confusion where ever possible.

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