Issues With a Couple 2012 Thome Inserts

Featured Cards: 2012 Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection #CCR-43, Jim Thome; 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Moonshots #MS-JT, Jim Thome

One of the things I found rather amusing about Topps’s two most recent issues is while that Jim Thome is not in them, he is featured in the insert sets. I can’t say that I recall this sort of thing happening twice in the same year — let alone successive sets. While I will never complain about any member of the major league roster appearing on a card, both Thome’s most recent insert cards leave me a little puzzled.

First, his Museum Collection Canvas insert — what the hell was Topps thinking in using this drawing? Smartly, the “professional” artist responsible for this mess has managed to maintain a secret identity — the Thome card is in the list of seven cards for which the Cardboard Connection cannot determine the artist. This is probably a good thing; my eight-year-old son could’ve created a better depiction of Thome, and a future first-ballot Hall of Famer deserves better. The only excuse for this card is that Topps did actually hire an eight-year-old to draw this card. I don’t know how much research I want to put into this, but the card tentatively has my vote for ugliest Phillies card ever produced.

As for his new Gypsy Queen Moonshots card, on the surface, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, I feel like that Topps set a precedent with his Gypsy Queen Home last year when they (rightfully) pictured him as a Phillie on a card commemorating his 400th home run, even though he was a member of the Twins at the time the card was printed. Yet, the text on the back of this year’s Gypsy Queen Moonshots card commemorates a home run he hit in Cleveland as a member of the Indians. Given that and what Topps did last year, I feel as though that the card should show him as a member of the Tribe. So, why the change in approach this year? If Topps really wanted to show him as a Phillie on the card, then they should have picked another momentous home run he hit while in a Phillies uniform.

I’m sure that I am being overly nit-picky about the Gypsy Queen card, and that the only thing Topps knows how to do with any consistency is be inconsistent. However, it would be nice for them to occasionally follow their own precedent — even if it does mean that a couple fewer Thome Phillies cards.

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