1887 Gypsy Queen (N175)

Set Type: Primary
Goodwin & Co.
Card dimensions:
Approximately 1½” x 2½”
Additional Information: The checklist below comes directly from the SCD’s 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards. The cards are blank-backed and unnumbered. SCD’s checklist skip-numbers the cards to align the players with the numbering assigned to the closely-related 1887-1890 Old Judge (N172) set — which uses nearly all of the same photos. Beckett’s online guide currently lists nothing about the set.

While Topps’s 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen set and its related inserts borrow the 1887 Gypsy Queen border, the use of stylized color photography and action photos make it difficult to state that the set truly recycles the look and feel of the original set.

The Gunning card images above come from a page on the Legendary Auctions website.



Charlie Buffinton (bat at 45° angle; uncorrected error: last name spelled “Buffington”)
Dan Casey (hands at chest)
Dan Casey (left arm extended)
Jack Clements (hands on knees)
Jack Clements (with bat)
Edward Daily
Charlie Ferguson (hands at chest)
Charlie Ferguson (right arm extended back)
Charlie Ferguson (tagging player)
Charlie Ferguson (with bat)
Jim Fogarty (bat on shoulder)
Jim Fogarty (fielding fly ball)
Tom Gunning (stooping to catch ball low on left)
Tom Gunning (bending, hands by right knee)
Arthur Irwin (batting)
Arthur Irwin (fielding, hands below knees)
Tommy McCarthy (catching)
Tommy McCarthy (sliding)
Tommy McCarthy (holding bat)
James “Deacon” McGuire (batting)
James “Deacon” McGuire (catching)
Joseph Mulvey
George Wood (batting)
George Wood (throwing)

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