1887 Kalamazoo Bats (N690)

Set Type: Primary
Manufacturer: Charles Gross & Co.
Card dimensions: Approximately 2¼” x 4”
Additional Information: According to SCD, the unnumbered cards in this set are some of the most difficult 19th century cards to acquire. The card backs can either be blank or carry advertising offering various prizes in exchange for saving the cards. The cards with advertising are rarer than the blank-backed versions.

The Beckett online guide refers to this set as “1887 Kalamazoo Bats (N690-1),” and while Beckett and SCD agree on the number of Phillies in the set, they differ in regards to other portions of the overall set checklist. Thus, causing differences in their numbering assignments. The SCD numbering assignments are used below.

The George Wood image above comes from a page the Robert Edward Auctions website, as does the advertising card back image, which comes from a page displaying the Irwin & Maul card. Litwack.org maintains a page which extensively displays a large number of cards from this set. Finally, Keith Olbermann’s description of this set for SCD is definitely worth reading.



Ed Andrews
Charles Bastion & Harry Lyons
Charlie Buffinton (uncorrected error; last name spelled “Buffington”)
Dan Casey
Jack Clements
Jim Devlin
Sid Farrar
Charlie Ferguson
Jim Fogarty
Jim Fogarty & James “Deacon” McGuire
Tom Gunning
Arthur Irwin
Arthur Irwin & Al Maul
Harry Lyons
Harry Lyons & Billy Taylor
Al Maul
James “Deacon” McGuire (catching)
James “Deacon” McGuire (throwing)
Joseph Mulvey
George Wood
Harry Wright (manager)

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