1985 CIGNA/Police Department Phillies

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 2⅝” x 4⅛”
Additional Information: Produced by Sportscards Presentations and sponsored by CIGNA, the Phillies worked with local police departments to distribute these cards bearing public safety tips on the back. In 1986, the CIGNA and the Phillies released a set bearing an identical design, but issued instead through the Fire Department. Beckett lists the set as “1985 Phillies CIGNA” while SCD designates it as “1985 Philadelphia Phillies Police.”

Juan Samuel
Von Hayes
Ozzie Virgil
Mike Schmidt
Greg Gross
Tim Corcoran
Jerry Koosman
Jeff Stone
Glenn Wilson
Steve Jeltz
Garry Maddox
Steve Carlton
John Denny
Kevin Gross
Shane Rawley
Charles Hudson

2 responses to “1985 CIGNA/Police Department Phillies

  1. steveinphilly

    I don’t know whether your Phillies addiction also allows you room to have an Eagles addiction, but I do (albeit lesser–I still haven’t added the 2010 or 2011 team sets to my collection yet). But I would note that these 1985 and 1986 sets look almost exactly like the Eagles 1984-86 Frito-Lay sets. I would assume the same company put them together.

    Nothing else–just thought I would mention it.

    • Sorry I didn’t get around to responding sooner. I have a very small Eagles collection that Police/Fire safety cards wouldn’t fit into, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least that the same company put out very similar sets at the same time for them. If I recall correctly, these public safety sets were a brief rage during the mid ’80s and lots of teams distributed them.

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