2001 Topps Opening Day

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions:
2½” x 3½”
Insert: Team Logo Stickers
Additional Information: As is usually the case with the Topps Opening Day sets over the years, the color of the border and the huge Opening Day foil logo are the only notable differences between these cards and the regular Topps issue.

Pat Burrell
Scott Rolen

3 responses to “2001 Topps Opening Day

  1. steveinphilly

    If you’re aware of a different photo used between the OD card and the regular Topps card, would you mind noting it as you list the OD sets? I think you are going there already, but just in case…. That would be helpful.

  2. Thanks. I suspect you have all of the OD cards you will be listing (that’s how one gets to 16,000+ cards!), but if you don’t, I may have some as I have focused on trying to identify and add to my collection only those that have different photos (including just cropping differences) from the basic Topps set.

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