A Little Housekeeping

Featured Cards: 2012 Topps Archives #188, Vance Worley, 1971 Topps Coins #79, Deron Johnson; 1988 Starting Lineup (no #), Steve Bedrosian

Wow, I am so glad it’s not 2005 right now — or any of the 10 years preceding it. Keeping up with the new releases at the pace they have been appearing this year has been a daunting enough task. Thankfully, the recent Bowman and Topps Archives sets lack the complexity and number of inserts found in Topps Museum, so when I start posting those checklists in the next day or so, it should go relatively smoothly. Having said that, I plan on posting an updated Excel file sometime this weekend. Every 2012 card through and including the Bowman set should be in it, and I might even get the beginnings of the Archives checklists into it before posting…

By the way, I will be including commentary on Bowman and Archives sets as I post the checklists…

I recently completed my 1971 Topps Coins Phillies set. More importantly, my set is completely PSA-graded. The coins are not all the same grade, as that wasn’t the type of thing that I felt any interest in obtaining. Even though the set is made up of only six coins, attempting to make sure all the coins were the same grade certainly would’ve made the feat a much more difficult. Thankfully, it’s not the type of thing I want to do very often; in fact, I only have two other team sets I am trying to compile completely PSA-graded. However, now that I have done it once, it’s a nice feeling of accomplishment…

It doesn’t happen often, but I do occasionally acquire a card for which I’ve already posted a checklist sans samples scans. When that does happen, I do take the time to accordingly add scans of the card. I did that this morning with the 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Indian Head Penny checklist…

Finally, as I have been formatting the checklists and posting them online, I have been considering including checklists of items that might not normally fall under the broad umbrella-term of “cards.” Thus far, I am also including stickers and coins, and I have every intention to include Starting Lineup figures — especially since they shipped with cards. However, McFarlane figures seem like a logical thing to include, as well as things like the Phillies 8” x 10” program photo inserts. I have a post planned for this weekend that shows, in part, why I contemplating this. Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions about other items I should consider including?

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