2012 Bowman

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 2½” x 3½”
Manufacturer: Topps
Parallels: Blank Backs, serial numbered “1/1”; Blue, serial numbered to 500; Gold; International; Orange, serial numbered to 250; Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow Printing Plates — each serial numbered “1/1”; Red, serial numbered “1/1”; Silver Ice; Silver Ice Red, serial numbered to 25. All serial-numbered parallels bear the number on back of card. Topps distributed the Blank Backs parallels exclusively on eBay via The Topps Vault.
Inserts: Black Collection Autographs, Bowman’s Best, Chrome Prospect Autographs, Chrome Prospects, Prospects
Additional Information/14,000 Phillies Commentary: I’ve already wasted plenty of pixels ranting against the Rookie Card logo and how Topps uses its various Prospects insert sets to work around it, so let me just rant for a moment against Topps’s referring to this set as “The Home of the Rookie Card.” Really, Topps? I count four different Phillie rookies– Justin De Fratus, Joe Savery, Michael Schwimer, and Freddy Galvis — who were known to be eligible for inclusion in this set at the time Topps fired up the printing presses. Yet, all are absent. However, Topps made sure collectors can get even more Bryce Harper cards, even though by Beckett’s own count he already had 248 by the time of his first MLB appearance. Of course, none of those — including the ones in this set — are actually rookie cards, but that doesn’t stop Topps from using Harper on the packaging or the Rookie Card logo to imply that his 2012 Bowman are official rookie cards.

The one positive about the set that I can mention is that it’s possibly the cheapest and easiest Topps set to compile this year. If you ignore the parallels, you should be able to purchase off of eBay the primary set, the Halladay Bowman’s Best insert, either of the base Prospect sets and a Julio Rodriguez Prospect auto for less than $15, including shipping & handling. I guess the fact that there are no real Phillies rookie cards in the set helps in that regard.

Cole Hamels
Hunter Pence
Roy Halladay
Jimmy Rollins
Shane Victorino
Vance Worley
Carlos Ruiz
Cliff Lee
Ryan Howard
Roy Oswalt
Chase Utley

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