1983 Phillies Tastykake

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 3½” x 5¼”
Additional Information/14,000 Phillies Commentary: The cards are unnumbered and listed below in alphabetical order. Beckett’s online guide does not list Dave Roberts. However, I compiled my set from purchasing two different partial sets, and both of them contained his card. (However, I am still missing the one for Veterans Stadium.) So, chalk this particular piece of information up as a 14,000 Phillies exclusive — none of the other online baseball card databases I consulted list the card. I assume that this is because they based their information off of Beckett. SCD’s 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards does not list this set.

The only consistency on the back of the cards in the set is the Tastykake logo on the bottom of the back. Otherwise, they could be blank-backed, bear text similar to that on the Christenson card above (albeit with a different slogan or no slogan at all), or just a slogan and a facsimile autograph. My personal favorite of the slogans has to be “Dope is for dopes-Don’t try it!” Interestingly, the PSA population report for this set shows that Rose’s card was available with two different backs, which suggests that this might be true for other cards in the set. Just as interestingly, it also doesn’t list the Roberts card.



Luis Aguayo
Porfirio Altamirano
Marty Bystrom
Steve Carlton
Larry Christenson
Pat Corrales
Ivan DeJesus
John Denny
Bob Dernier
Bo Diaz
Ed Farmer
Greg Gross
Von Hayes
Al Holland
Garry Maddox
Gary Matthews
Tug McGraw
Larry Milbourne
Bob Molinaro
Sid Monge
Joe Morgan
Tony Perez
Ron Reed
Dave Roberts
Bill Robinson
Pete Rose
Dick Ruthven
Mike Schmidt
Ozzie Virgil
Phillies Coaches (Mike Ryan, Deron Johnson, Bobby Wine, Dave Bristol, & Claude Osteen)
Phillie Phanatic
Veterans Stadium

6 responses to “1983 Phillies Tastykake

  1. I have the Vet card as well as the Roberts card. I wish I had a second Vet card, so I could send it to you. I have several dupes but not that one. Except for Tug’s and the Phanatic’s, which each have the PSA only (“Don’t smoke weed, but if you do, only smoke good quality stuff” and”Tell your parents to wear their seatbelts,” respectively*), all of mine have either a blank back (except for a Tastykake logo) or a “Dear Fan, Thanks for your letter…” and a PSA. What are the two Rose backs? Both of my copies of his have the “Dear Fan” letter.

    The Vet card is the exact same photo they used in 1984, if you have that one. Except for the copyright date, you can’t tell the difference.

    *I may be wrong on Tugger’s….

    • My description of the card backs was more an effort to make sure I properly described the full variety of them, regardless of how many variations. Like you, only the McGraw and Phanatic cards in my set have just the public service announcement.

      As for the Rose variation, I’m only making a guess based on the fact that PSA has two different listing for him in its population report. Like you, both mine have the “Dear Fan” letter.

  2. Thanks. Oh, and the real reason I meant to comment, which I then left out in my comment, is that it’s actually Porfirio Altamirano in the set, not Joey Amalfitano. I suspect that was just a typo.

    • Thank you for the correction. Not sure how or when Joey crept into my series of Excel files (I’ve been using/maintaining/recreating them for over 15 years now) but it most certainly was a typo.

  3. Are you still in need of the 1983 Tastykake Veterans Stadium Card?

    • Yes, I am. Email me at mattapp @ Google’s email service so we can arrange some sort of trade. (I apologize for taking a few days to get back to you.)

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