1990 Publications International Stickers

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 1⅜” x 1¾”
Additional Information/14,000 Phillies Commentary: The stickers are unnumbered, blank-backed, and do not bear a team designation. However, according to the Beckett online guide, the “stickers are put into the album over a question which pertains to each player pictured as a clue for where the sticker goes,” and the set numbering is ordered by teams. SCD’s 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards collaborates this information and the numbering assignments. However, there is nothing about the two Ricky Jordan stickers which suggests which one belongs to the team set (#244) and which one belongs with the Young Stars subset (#615). Since I do not have access to an album, I have arbitrarily applied the number assignments for those stickers.

In addition, some players in the set are grouped with their current team but pictured in a former team’s uniform. Because of this, Milt Thompson and Mike Young are included in the checklist below.



Milt Thompson (sticker grouped with Cardinals)
Steve Bedrosian
Don Carman
Darren Daulton
Bob Dernier
Marvin Freeman
Greg Harris
Von Hayes
Tom Herr
Ken Howell
Chris James
Steve Jeltz
Ron Jones
Ricky Jordan (action photo, finishing swing)
Steve Lake
Mike Maddux
Larry McWilliams
Jeff Parrett
Juan Samuel
Mike Schmidt
Dickie Thon
Floyd Youmans
Mike Young (sticker grouped with Indians)
Ricky Jordan (Young Stars subset; posed photo, holding bat over right shoulder)
Philadelphia Phillies

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