1989 Phillies Tastykake

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 4⅛” x 6”
Additional Information: As with nearly all Phillies Team Issue sets, the cards bear the player’s uniform, but are not otherwise numbered in the manner typical for most card sets. The cards are listed in alphabetical order by player last name and numbered accordingly.

According to Beckett’s online guide, the set was a given to fans attending the Phillies Tastykake Photocard Night promotion on May 13, 1989 and was later available via a mail-away offer. The Phillies also produced a nine-card midseason update to the set; the players included in the update cards are marked in the checklist below with an asterisk following their name. SCD’s 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards does not list the set.

Jim Adduci*
Steve Bedrosian
Larry Bowa (coach)
Eric Bullock*
Don Carman
Dennis Cook*
Darren Daulton
Bob Dernier
Lenny Dykstra*
Curt Ford
Todd Frohwirth
Greg Harris
Charlie Hayes*
Von Hayes
Tom Herr
Ken Howell
Chris James
Steve Jeltz
Ron Jones
Ricky Jordan
Darold Knowles (coach)
John Kruk*
Steve Lake
Nick Leyva (manager)
Mike Maddux
Alex Madrid
Roger McDowell*
Denis Menke (coach)
Terry Mulholland*
Dwayne Murphy
Tom Nieto
Randy O’Neal
Steve Ontiveros
Jeff Parrett
Randy Ready*
Bruce Ruffin
Mark Ryal
Mike Ryan (coach)
Juan Samuel
Mike Schmidt
Tony Taylor (coach)
Dickie Thon
John Vukovich (coach)
Floyd Youmans
Larry McWilliams

2 responses to “1989 Phillies Tastykake

  1. Matches my list, with two notes:

    1) There is a title card that came with the set for sale at the park, not picturing any player but saying something like “1989 Phillies Team Set”. I consider that part of the set.

    2) The giveaway set had only 32 cards, not the 36 available in the purchased set. I’m not sure which 4 were left out. Supposedly it is on a thinner stock, but I can’t confirm that as I don’t have it in that form.

    I’m looking forward to your posts on the other team-issued postcard sets.

    • I appreciate the feedback. I plan to incorporate this information into the post — I just haven’t figured out exactly how just yet. I’m not certain that I would consider the title card with the original 32-card set as part of it, but it certainly bears mentioning.

      There are currently 32-card sets available on eBay, and I assume those are from the giveaway night. I just don’t know if I want to spend the money on purchasing duplicates just for the sole purpose of conducting research.

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