1921 American Caramel Series of 80 (E121)

Card dimensions: Approximately 2” x 3¼”
Additional Information/14,000 Phillies Commentary: The cards are unnumbered, so the players are listed in alphabetical order and numbered accordingly — the numbering shown below comes from SCD’s 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards. The set is designated as “Series of 80” because the back indicates that the player pictured is one of 80 baseball stars in the set. However, the set contains over 100 players. Two different backs exist for the set. According to the Standard Catalog: “The common back variation has the first line ending with the word ‘the,’ while the scarcer version ends with the word ‘eighty.’”

The cards that appeared in the Series of 80 also appeared in the 1922 American Caramel Series of 120 (albeit with slightly different wording on the backs), and according to the Standard Catalog, the 1921 Clark’s Bread and 1921 Holsum Bread sets also reused many of the cards found in this set. The 1921 American Caramel cards were also used as the basis for the 1921-1922 W575 strip cards, which were in turn repurposed by a number of candy distributors for advertising purposes. Given the set’s history, it’s actually somewhat surprising that Topps hasn’t decided to recycle this design in a throwback set. Give them time, however — it won’t surprise me to see them do so within the next few years.

Bill Donovan (manager)
Fred “Cy” Williams

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