2011 Phillies Team Issue Second Edition

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 4″ x 6″
Additional Information: For the second straight season, the Phillies produced a completely redesigned and updated team set at midseason, rather than just update the set released at the start of the season. However, towards the end of the summer, the Phillies decided to update this set, dropping five cards — José Contreras, J.C. Romero, Dane Sardinha, Mike Zagurski, and the Broadcasters card — and adding Hunter Pence. As a result, those six cards are considered short prints. As with nearly all Phillies Team Issue sets, the cards bear the player’s uniform number, but are not otherwise numbered in the manner typical for most card sets. The cards are listed in alphabetical order by player last name, and assigned numbers accordingly.

The set is notable for containing Sardinha’s only Phillies card. Thus far, it contains Pete Orr’s only Phillies card as well, but that may change with the release of 2012 Phillies Team Issue Second Edition.

Danys Báez
Antonio Bastardo
Mick Billmeyer (coach)
Joe Blanton
Domonic Brown
José Contreras (short print, 1st printing only)
Rich Dubee (coach)
Ben Francisco
Ross Gload
Greg Gross
Roy Halladay
Cole Hamels
David Herndon
Ryan Howard
Raúl Ibañez
Kyle Kendrick
Cliff Lee
Brad Lidge
Pete Mackanin (coach)
Ryan Madson
Charlie Manuel (manager)
Michael Martínez
John Mayberry, Jr.
Pete Orr
Roy Oswalt
Hunter Pence (short print, 2nd printing only)
Sam Perlozzo (coach)
Placido Polanco
J.C. Romero (short print, 1st printing only)
Jimmy Rollins
Carlos Ruiz
Dane Sardinha (short print, 1st printing only)
Juan Samuel (coach)
Brian Schneider
Michael Stutes
Chase Utley
Wilson Valdéz
Shane Victorino
Vance Worley
Mike Zagurski (short print, 1st printing only)
Phillie Phanatic
Phillies Broadcasters (short print, 1st printing only)

Special thanks to SteveinPhilly for edits to the information originally presented in this checklist.

3 responses to “2011 Phillies Team Issue Second Edition

  1. From what I can tell, one couldn’t actually get all 42 cards in one fell swoop. I bought the set when it first came out in July or August and it didn’t include Hunter Pence. Later in the season I saw that Hunter Pence was on the outside of the pack, so I bought another, but there were only 36 cards–the following 5 had been cut: Contreras, Romero, Sardinha, Zagurski, Broadcasters.

    Did you get Pence plus those 5 in one purchased set? Maybe there was a short overlap period. On my own list, I call them “Sets 2a and 2b.” Obviously it’s all the same set though.

    • You’re absolutely right. I actually purchased two different sets myself as well, and then somehow forgot this fact when posting the checklist. I will make the appropriate edits/notations. This is part of the reason why I decided to start posting all this information online — I know that I won’t be able to keep it all straight in my own head forever.

      • I for one am glad you are doing this–the little slips of paper, notebooks, and occasional printouts I have noting this sort of stuff also will not stay straight forever!

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